Bathroom cleaning step by step

While we all want our bathroom to be the cleanest room in the house, we have to admit that it is the least attractive. Well, it was brutal and hard work, but it had to be done. Understanding how to clean a bathroom can make the job easier. Collect all the clean bathrooms and start cleaning.

The best cleaning tip is to store all of your household cleaning supplies in a portable container so you have everything you need as you move from one cleaning job to another. In addition, the toilet seems to need cleaning from the rest of the house as well. Keep a separate bucket for the toilet. This should include toilet bowls, sheets, towels, window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, sponges, brushes, floor cleaners and wax and soap ice. ] Charli d’amelio feet

When you start cleaning the bathtub,

first remove the dirty clothes or shoes and put everything back in its place. Also remove floor rugs or curtains that need cleaning. I think the hardest part of cleaning a bathroom is cleaning the bathroom. Without regular cleaning, soap scum and mold are likely to develop.

Realizing that showering was tiring, I decided to start it. If the soap foams too thick in the bath, let the detergent soak in a little before cleaning. Remember to clean the shower curtain or shower door and rail. You will find that there are many cleaning products available for the bathtub. The choice is yours, you can choose the cleaning product you want. Rinse the bathtub thoroughly after cleaning. This will help remove detergent and remove stains.

After a clean shower,

the next step in bathroom cleaning is cleaning the mirror. At home, I like to write on a foggy mirror after a shower. Of course, it’s annoying that he recognizes the mirror. Another thing you can do is clean shelves, stairs, door frames and shelves with a cloth.

The next step in the finished shower is to clean the faucet. Anything you have that is good for cleaning bathroom and kitchen counters is also good for Rengøringshjælp sinks. The laundry room probably also has a sink and a workspace. The bathroom is the next room to be cleaned after the sink; This is the most difficult thing in the bathroom. google suggest primelis

Remember that there are many different parts of the bathroom

and they all need to be cleaned. To clean the toilet seat, use a disposable toilet cleaner or a regular toilet brush and some toilet cleaner. Remember to clean the side of the bowl, under the lid and the toilet. A good quality cleaning agent can be used behind the toilet. You should clean the entire platform regularly, and don’t skip the bottom row that touches the floor. Also use detergent for this part.

In order to achieve a perfectly clean bathroom, you must finally clean the floor and throw the trash in the trash. I think Paper towels are very suitable for cleaning all areas of the bathroom.

Of course you lose less if you use a cloth or a sponge,

Which is healthier for the environment, but I like to use paper. So I think I can still get rid of the germs by throwing them away. When you’re done using the paper, just throw it in the bathroom trash can. So the last thing you need to do is throw away the trash. Airfood recipe