Why you need a heavy-duty tarpaulin for your next camping trip

Camping tents are great, but they don’t offer much in the way of protection from the elements. No matter how many camping trips you’ve taken in your life, it’s always good to be prepared for all eventualities, especially those that can ruin your trip or put you at risk of being seriously injured or worse. That’s where a heavy-duty tarpaulin comes in handy – it can be used to protect you and your gear against everything from rain to sunlight and wind to even falling debris.

Waterproof tarps

Camping is an inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors, but it can also be expensive if unexpected weather or other circumstances ruin your trip. Buying a quality waterproof tarpaulin will help make sure that when everything else goes wrong, at least your tent and belongings stay dry. The UNISIGN 700 gsm Tarpaulin is one of the most durable tarps on the market and can withstand anything nature throws its way. Use this sturdy material to protect everything you value in life from rain, sun, sand, dirt, wind and more. This ultra-resistant 700 gsm Tarpaulin provides excellent protection against most adverse conditions without weighing down your pack.

Ultraviolet protection tarps

A UNISIGN Tarpaulin is made of 700 gsm Tarpaulin, which is the most durable material in the industry. It will not sag or stretch and it has excellent UV protection to protect against ultraviolet rays. A UNISIGN Tarpaulin is perfect for your next camping trip! Just think about all the opportunities this portable tent can offer you. You can have a place to sleep, keep your gear dry and organized, set up camp without worrying about what’s underneath it, create shade from the sun with ease! With our tarps we offer 2 types: The Classic 12x12ft which offers 3x more coverage than any other tarp on the market, and The Express 10x10ft that is perfect for backpackers who are looking for lightweight gear.

Extra-large tarps

Tarps are an essential part of any camper’s gear. They provide protection from the rain, wind and the sun’s UV rays. Not only that, but they also offer privacy at night so everyone can get some rest. Tarps come in different sizes and strengths to meet a variety of needs, with heavier-duty tarps providing more protection than lighter ones. The thickness is measured by GSM (grams per square meter). The higher the GSM number, the thicker it is. A general rule of thumb is if you’re using your tarp as shelter, use 700gsm or higher to ensure durability. If you’re just going out into nature for short periods of time or on shorter hikes then 500 gsm should be sufficient.

Size selection

If you’re one of the many people who like to go camping, but don’t want to sleep on the ground, then this is just the post for you. The next time you head out into the great outdoors and set up camp, make sure that you have some of these essential items with you. But before we get into what’s in your kit, let’s talk about what goes outside of it: A 700 gsm Tarpaulin. While they might not be as glamorous as your sleeping bag or cooking pot, tarps are crucial to protect against the elements. It doesn’t matter how much you spent on fancy camping gear if all of it gets ruined because it got wet!

A high-quality tarpaulin can provide protection from rain, snow, dust storms and more without weighing too much or taking up too much space in your pack. We recommend using a bright color so that you can spot the tent more easily when night falls – especially if you forget which side is which.

Our 700 gsm Heavy Duty Tarpaulins will last through all kinds of weather conditions without ever leaking or tearing – perfect for an outdoor adventure!