Sapphire Support and the Importance of Supported Independent Living Providers

Sapphire Support are Supported Independent Living Providers (SILPs), meaning that we offer support to the elderly and vulnerable. We ensure that our clients receive full, individual care and support in their own homes, which means we are not only enhancing the quality of life for our clients but also reducing pressure on the overburdened NHS as well as helping careers by taking some of the pressures off them so they can enjoy their time with their loved ones without having to worry about organizing complex care needs.

What is a supported independent living provider?

A supported independent living provider is someone who has a disability, but is able to live independently in their own home. This can be achieved through assistance from the supported independent living provider’s family, friends, or other supports they may have. There are many reasons why people who need supports might choose to live independently; some might want to maintain their personal freedom or enjoy privacy. Others might want to avoid stigmatization or discrimination that they feel would happen if they lived in a group home.

The medical industry defines disabled people as being incapable of performing tasks that are necessary for leading an independent life, such as dressing themselves, preparing meals and taking care of themselves.

What services do they provide?

Independent living providers are often a person’s best option for transitioning from a hospital, rehab, or nursing home. Sapphire Support are Supported Independent Living Providers in Las Vegas. The staff strives to provide the highest quality care to their clients with compassion and respect. Sapphire’s team is dedicated to providing each client with individualized care plans that are tailored to their specific needs based on their medical condition or disability. Sapphire has an open-door policy for visitors, family members, or friends to stop by at any time without scheduling an appointment. They offer a wide range of amenities including private baths, 24-hour nursing care, three nutritious meals per day, housekeeping services twice per week, laundry service once per week, transportation to doctor visits and shopping trips as needed.

How can they benefit people with disabilities?

1. We offer on-site support. We provide in-home care that helps with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, cooking, housekeeping and laundry. We also offer respite care for those looking for help with temporary relief from their caregiver obligations. Our goal is to provide a home-like environment where you feel comfortable and safe while receiving supportive care. 2. Our programs are flexible; they can be customized to meet your needs as they change over time based off your goals, preferences, and personality style. 3. Sapphire Support’s staff are highly trained professionals who have passed our rigorous screening process that includes background checks and drug testing, ensuring that you will receive the best possible care with peace of mind. 4.

What sets Sapphire Support apart from other providers?

Sapphire Support is a non-profit organization that provides supported independent living providers to people with disabilities. Sapphire support’s mission is to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to live independently, in their own homes. Sapphire Support’s services are tailored specifically for the individual based on their needs, which can include such things as driving, cooking, housekeeping, or shopping. Sapphire support will work closely with each person they work with to ensure they feel supported in their environment and able to maintain an active lifestyle. Supporting people who want to live independently is important because it increases an individual’s self-sufficiency by empowering them with life skills that allow them to live as independently as possible.