Smarty Feet, Simple and Smart Holiday Gifts for Our Kids

When it comes to picking the perfect holiday gift, people want to give their loved ones something striking the perfect balance of being fun, thoughtful, and affordable, especially for stocking stuffers. Most gifts given in this category are one-and-done type gifts; chocolate, cookies, and gag gifts, to name a few. Everyone knows a new mom that needs all the help she can get between cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and of course taking care of her little one. Why not give her the gift of simplifying her routine when it comes to leaving the house? 

Smarty Feet is the perfect gift to give any busy mom on the go with her toddler. Moms can take a breather from helping their child with the tedious process of putting on their shoes every time they need to leave the house. The simple but ingenious puzzles on Smarty Feet insoles teach little ones how to put their shoes on the right foot without any stickers, arrows, or other tried-and-failed methods parents have attempted to use. Now, when it’s time to leave the house, putting on shoes is another game for little kids!

Smarty Feet provides countless benefits to the wearer. If an insole is too big, you can trim the size down to fit perfectly. They are extremely lightweight, so nothing is off-limits and playtime is not inhibited at all. In fact, Smarty Feet provide high arch support so that child growth is as assisted as can be. Smarty Feet are not only beneficial for mom’s peace of mind, they’re good for her child too!

Kids that wear Smarty Feet are happy, healthy, and intellectually stimulated every time it’s time to leave the house with puzzles of unicorns, crabs, dinosaurs, and more. At only $14.99 why wouldn’t every kid want Smarty Feet in every shoe?