How Jarred Winn Is Using Cryptocurrency For Good

For Jarred Winn, there is more to blockchain technology than making billions of dollars. There is potential to change the world for the better, and donate to good causes directly.
Winn was inspired to work in blockchain because he saw the incredible potential it had for revolutionizing the way people interact with money. Winn’s expertise in computer science and mathematics, combined with the interactive aspect of working in marketing, led him to create his own tech-focused marketing company Since the entire premise of blockchain technology is based on non-interference from any outside agency, it is the perfect medium for donating to charitable efforts.
But, how does one go from tech marketing to managing the philanthropic efforts of a huge blockchain company? Well, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange network, needed someone to work on increasing the crypto community’s charitable efforts. As a result, Winn became the new Senior Vice President of Charity in 2020 for Binance. During the coronavirus pandemic, Winn created a crypto campaign for coronavirus relief. It was one of the largest campaigns ever for blockchain, raising over 10 million dollars.
The cryptocurrency community’s reputation is still up in the air as a whole. The whole idea of a community centered around blockchain technology has not yet reached household name status, and people like Winn are doing their best to give people positive regard for the community. He helps crypto startups using his marketing knowledge, and creating campaigns to bring visibility to the kindness in the crypto sector. He states, “My prerogative is to help Web3 businesses thrive by enhancing their marketing strategy and overcoming barriers to entry related to exposure, specific to awareness campaigns that drive attention towards cryptocurrency in a positive light, as the industry holds much potential for those who can see it.”