Incredible discount lands on Amazon Echo Show 10 — save $80

Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa is turning 8 years old on November 6, and to celebrate this milestone, all kinds of Amazon Echo deals have popped up online. One of the best offers for Alexa’s birthday is a 32% discount for the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 10, which brings the smart display’s price down by $80 to a more affordable $170, from its original price of $250. There’s no telling how long this bargain will be available though, so you might want to add the device to your cart and check out immediately to enjoy the savings.

Why you should buy the Amazon Echo Show 10 (Gen 3)

The third-generation Amazon Echo Show 10 is a smart display that’s powered by Amazon’s Alexa, giving you access to the best Alexa commands and the best Alexa skills. The 10.1-inch HD screen is an upgrade from the Alexa-powered smart speakers in the Echo line, as you can use the display to make video calls, watch tutorial videos, and catch up on your favorite shows, among other functions. For your peace of mind, the Amazon Echo Show 10 works with Alexa Guard Plus, so you can look through the smart display’s built-in camera to check your home when you’re away. The device will also send you notifications when it hears sounds like smoke alarms going off and glass breaking.

Between the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 10 and second-generation Amazon Echo Show 10, you should be going for the latest model of the smart display because of its updated design with a round base that serves as a 360-degree speaker, a screen that can swivel back and forth to track a person moving around while in video calls, increased bass potential, and access to a low-power mode that can help save on electricity costs. The ability of the display to move is also one of its advantages when comparing the Amazon Echo Show 10 and Amazon Echo Show 15, in addition to a better-sounding and more powerful speaker.

Join the celebration for Alexa’s birthday by buying the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 10, which is available on Amazon for $170 after a 32% discount on its sticker price of $250. That’s $80 in savings! However, because we’re not sure how much time is left on the offer, you need to hurry if you want to get the smart display for much cheaper than usual. Click that Buy Now button to have the third-generation Amazon Echo Show 10 delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.

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