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The best CCNA training center in Dubai

Nlptech Training Centre offers CCNA courses and CCNA certification In Dubai. The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching course for entry-level network engineers help employers maximize their investment in core networking skills and increase the value of their networks.

The CCNA qualification trains network professionals to install and configure Cisco switches and routers using multiple protocols in Internet networks with LAN and WAN interfaces. For more information about CCNA course training in Dubai, follow us at Nlptech Centre. CCNA courses in Dubai are very affordable. Call us now for CCNA training in Dubai.

We also arrange visa processing and accommodation for all international students.

We can provide full accommodation and training services for all students.

Basics of networking

CCNA – Types of networks and networking

Networking and networking skills

Network typology concepts

Elements of network hardware

Common threats, OSI reference model, TCP-IP stack

The transport layer, TCP-UDP headers

Three-way handshake, windows, messengers, Ethernet framework

Data interface layer

Network cables


IP address and port


Switch operation, initialization processes, and functions

Basic key configuration

Port protection

Introduction and configuration of VLANs and trunks

VLAN transport protocol, VTP interrupts

Interplanetary routing (routing sticks).

Interplanetary routing (multilayer switch)

Introduction to STP scanning tree protocol 802.1D

802.1W Spanning Tree protocol implementation

Switch troubleshooting

Troubleshooting VLANs

IOS upgrade/rebuild

Backup IOS and configuration using TFTP server

Cisco Switch Password Recovery


Router operation, initialization process, and features

Configuring IPV4 Subnets

Static and default routes

Variable length subnet mask (VLSM)

RIP routing protocols

RIP loops and their prevention

Route aggregation or settlement node pointing

Introduction to OSPF routing protocols

OSPF, configuring domains and ABRs

Troubleshooting OSPF problems

ipv6 and ospfv3

Introduction and configuration of EIGRP routing protocol


BGP routing protocols

Router troubleshooting

IOS upgrade/restore

Backup IOS and configuration using TFTP server

‘Cisco Router Password Recovery

WAN infrastructure

WAN configuration

Default HDLC encapsulation (Cisco only)

PPP installation and configuration

MPLS installation

GRE tunnel installation and configuration

DMVPN applications

Access control lists

Access Control List Types

Configuring standard ACLs

Configuring advanced ACLs

Configuring named and numbered ACLs

IPV4 Service ACLs and QoS


Basics of wireless LANs

Cisco Wireless Network Architecture Analysis

Wireless Security, EAP, 802 1x, PEAP, EAP-TLS

Cisco Wireless Network Setup

Network Address Translation (NAT)



NMS and network management protocol basics

SNMP version 3 and NetFlow

VTP, VLAN, STP, stacking, chassis aggregation, VSS

Quality of Service (QoS).

Overview of HSRP and IPV4

SNMP, IP SLA, SPAN, Cloud Computing

SLAAC (stateless automatic address configuration)

Software-defined networks

Licensing of Cisco IOS and the new universal operating system Cisco 15.x

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